No matter what, it's gotta be better than last year.

I'm not necessarily a sun-worshipper. In fact, I often avoid it. I've had a little run-in with skin cancer before and am covered with tattoos, so I often seek the shade. On the other hand, last summer was such a dud, that even I found myself wishing there was a little more brightness in the air.

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So as we roll headlong into the thick of summer for this year, one can only hope that there's a bit more sunshine, and maybe some temps over 70. Last year that was another joy... it never even really got hot. Thankfully, the forecast for this month looks to make last year nothing but a bad memory.

Get ready to sweat.

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When looking at the Accuweather forecast for July, the first thing you notice is that there aren't a lot of cool days. But, there only appear to be a few days that will nudge up on 90. But there's a whole lot of 80+ degree days in there. In fact, July is looking at possibly 17 out of 31 days being well above average.

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On the other side of that coin, there only seems to be handful of days it might rain. Out of the whole month, only 7 days total, call for any rain. That would also be an amazing switch from last year, as it seemed that all it did was either rain, or just our fog into everything. It just felt like a damp mess all summer.

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Even up north, summer is shaping up to be a good sight better than last year. Presque Isle is looking at many, many days with temps above average, and minimal rain. The northern part of the state is often a bit cooler, but this summer they're going to heat up, just like the rest of us.

How accurate is this?

Well, folks... This is weather we're talking about. My grandfather used to say the only real way to tell the weather is to stick your head out the window... Flawless logic. This is only a guide, and I'm no meteorologist. But this would support the forecasts of NOAA and the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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But just the idea that we could see such an improvement over last year is almost hopeful. We've had a good run so far this summer, and it'd be awful to see that trend change. So let's cross our fingers that this all pans out. It'd be nice to be soaked with sweat this summer, instead of soaked with rain.

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