Other than AC, I've basically forgotten what cool air feels like.

One morning this week, I went out to walk my dog at 4:30am, and it was a ridiculously balmy 71 degrees outside. In recent weeks, I'd still be wearing a hoodie when I'd take my boy out to do his business. Not much these days. We're only ten days into July, and we've only had one day under 80 degrees. Even then, it was almost 80.

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We've also already had an official heat wave for the year, back at the end of June. In fact, since May we've already had 19 days over 80. Well over 80 for that matter. And on top of that, the humidity has been an absolute joy to deal with. It feels like we must be on our way to some kind of record.

So... are we?


Well, when you cross-reference several different weather sources, it's hard to pinpoint at the moment. The hottest summer ever in Maine so far, was in 1930. For the whole year, there were 87 days over 80 degrees. That's pretty frikkin' hot. We're a quarter of the way there already.


When you look at the forecast for the rest of July, Accuweather shows that on the days where temps may actually fall below 80 degrees, it's going to be because it's either raining or cloudy. It doesn't seem we have any temperate, sunny days headed our way this month. So it's kind of all or nothing weather-wise for all of July.

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Will there be any relief in the long range forecast for August?

In general, it looks like we can expect things to draw down a bit. Of course we'll never know for sure until August gets here, but the extended forecast shows a solid mix of 70-80 degree days. There also looks like a lot of unsettled and rainy weather. So August just may not be as nice as July in general.

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So are we going to set any records? It's a bit hard to say. Especially when you compare it to the temps of 90+ years ago. Those were some hot times. And I'm sure we'll have another year like that at some point. Or maybe the joke will be on us, and things will really heat up in September. I may not laugh at that joke...

Take a look at a few of these temps... You'll feel all better about Maine summers.

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